Ashy Prinia





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ashy wren babler





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Ashy Prinia

Ashy Prinia also known as the ashy wren-warbler belongs to the family Cisticolidae. The scientific name of Ashy Prinia is Prinia socialis. It is a small warbler, has an extremely large range, and is mostly located in different continents of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, eastern areas of Pakistan, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. Ashy Prinia is very small in size, an active and noisy bird, and doubtlessly identified due to its distinctive colors and upright tail (BirdLife International 2008).
The flying of Ashy Prinia is swift while sometimes flying in a jerky motion. The tail of the Ashy Prinia is graduated (having long feathers regularly decreasing in length from the center to the outward) and pointed with a black subterminal spot. Ashy Prinia continuously flick their tails in up and down motion, that characteristic makes Ashy Prinia a more interesting bird. They have a black bill, grey head, and strong legs used for climbing and jumping on the ground. That has pale cinnamon underparts and a greyish brown back. They have different distinctive colors and identifying characters in breeding and non-breeding seasons (Rasmussen  and Anderton 2005).
They are quite bold and fearless birds and are found singly and in groups in bushes and sometimes visit the ground. 
Ashy Prinia is usually found in open dry grasslands and woodlands (except in those with thick canopy), in the shrubbery, and in urban gardens. In northern areas, some of the species of Ashy Prinia is present along Himalayan small mountains stretched out to the upper Indus River system. This species is usually present in mangroves, agricultural areas, and different wetlands but not in desert areas in the west of India. The Sri Lanka this passerine bird population is mostly residential in the lowlands but when we go up some of its species is also found in hills to about 1600 m. Ashy Prinia is not a pet bird and wants to live in natural habitat but most people trap them as a pet 
Ashy Prinia is mostly residential to shrubbery that’s why the builds nest (similar to a cup-like structure) in shrubs close to the ground or sometimes in tall grasses. When moving from one place to another they rebuild a nest at the new place and very rarely do they use the material of the previous nest instead they rebuild the nest at the new location with new material. It is the duty of female Ashy Prinia that make the nests. Ashy Prinia built a nest in the lower part of bushes and stitched leaves with a web, lined with hair, and make an entrance on the side of the nest.