Spotted Owlet


A. brama



Local Names

Spotted Owlet




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Athene brama is a stocky and small owl which is 8.3 inches in size whose upperparts are greyish brown covered with large number of whit spots. While the underparts have streaking of brown color. They have yellow iris on pale yellow disc shaped face. Their neckband is supercilium and is white in color. Their sexes are similar in appearance. They have deeply undulation flight. Their prominent form is rather darker than that of paler one such as ‘indica’ that is found in drier regions. 

 Spotted owlet has disc shape face with creamy-buffy texture having concentric circular lines. Its forehead is whitish to yellowish buffy in color. While its eyebrows are curved and white in color. Color of eyes is light yellow to deep yellow or golden yellow. The color of sides of the face are dark brown with contrast of white rear edges. The upper portion of beak is known as cere. The cere is greenish brown of sometimes dusky green. Bill is horny and is greenish brown or sometimes it gets darker or sometimes yellowish from the upper ridge. The sides portion of the head, upper crown and upperparts of the body are earth brown to grey in color and re full of white spots. Upper back portion of neck is called nape. Nape of spotted owl is full of white spots in such a way that it seems like a collar. Its back has larger white spots. (Ali, january 2018) The region that is relating to shoulder blade or shoulder is known as scapulars. Its scapulars have broad edges and re white in color. Their throat, chin, front and sides of the neck have white color, below which there is a brown band. While the remaining parts of underneath portion are spotted, whitish and are covered with broken bars or sometimes with brown color completely. Their wings are banded and spotted with white color. They have narrow tail having white colored bars. Their toes are dirty yellow in color and are bristled. Their claws are dark with light-yellowish soles.