Rose variety


R.indica (varie)



Local Names

Peela gulab




native to Asia especially india and pakistan

DNA Barcode


Rosa Indica
Indian Fragrant Rose is an extremely popular species of rose in India and Pakistan. It is an erect shrub with prickles curved or almost absent. Flowers arise solitary or several in short panicles, fragrant, usually double, red to white on long smooth or glandular flower-stalks. Sepals are entire, with long thread-like tip, rising up or patent after flowering, deciduous. Styles are long, free, hairless, distinctly protruding through the narrow orifice. Leaves are evergreen, compound, with leaflets 3-5(-7), deep green and ą shining above, paler beneath, normally hairless. Stipules very narrow, with lanceshaped, erect or slightly divergent ears. Fruit is ovoid to pear-shaped, smooth. Indian Fragrant Rose is renowned for its fine fragrance, and its flowers are commercially harvested for rose oil used in perfumery. In south India, it is used in garlands, and in making rose-water. The name paneer (Tamil) means rose-water. Indian Fragrant Rose is native to China, Laos, Taiwan, Vietnam, introduced and widely cultivated in India.