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Bank Myna





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Bank Myna

Bank myna is bird, and it is mostly present and found in northern areas of South Asia. It is small in size, but its color is same as common myna. But there is a difference that common myna has yellow colored skin behind eyes while bank myna has red colored skin behind their eyes. On the crown, their head is black, and sides are grey in color. They have black wings but the wing patch present at primaries base is pale pink in color. The color of their legs is yellow while the color of iris is deep red. The young birds have brown head and neck. It is a social animal. They are mostly found in groups. 
They are mostly seen in different provinces of Pakistan such as Punjab, Sindh etc. The farmlands which are cultivated as well as open country are mostly used as their habitat. Moreover, they also like to live in those areas which are near water bodies. 
The flock of birds also like to reside in a market, in any railway station or in a city. These birds are mostly found in rocks and around the habitation of humans. Their favorite place is railway stations. In railway stations, there are found in large quantity. 
All year, large communal roosts are formed by bank myna. These are mostly formed in reed beds or sugarcane. They also make communal roosts in different trees and buildings. Bank myna breeds in colonies and they roost together in trees. Mostly they use to live in crowded towns that allow them easy approach. Bank myna are vociferous.